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Get higher in Google with Pagerank Consultants digital marketing services packages. 

We at Pagerank Consultants, help our customers get the maximum result as we provide them the best digital marketing services .We stand out as one of the best seo company in India. From a roadmap, we bring traffic, conversion, data, and experience together with only one goal: to improve our customers; business! 

We help to create and monitor this roadmap and, with the help of our digital marketing specialists, ensure that the knowledge for proper implementation of the activities is present within the roadmap.

Our team of SEO experts have ample experience with online marketing of the websites that score highly in search engines such as Google and Bing. The content team also thinks along with you when promoting international websites, because a site that works really well and where both content, technology and design are well thought out is not found on every corner of the street. What exactly do you want to say? Which keywords and themes do you want to be found by your customer in Google? What questions does your customer have? How do you guide visitors to the information they are looking for on your website? All these aspects make us one of the best digital marketing company.

Our digital marketing specialists are aware of the latest developments, do an extensive keyword research and are happy to work for you. We stand out one of the best seo company in Lucknow. Our best seo service is designed, so that you get a sleek and well-functioning website with well-driven traffic, which we can continue to maintain after delivery.

Because your site is not a dead thing, but a living thing that you should regularly feed with (technical) updates and textual changes. So that you continue to entice customers and Google with interesting content. We provide digital marketing services including Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, PPC services, Online Reputation Management, Link Building, Content Marketing etc.

Our Incredible

Digital Marketing Services

We devise and create effective online campaigns via Paid, Owned and Earned media. Our seo services and technology are all about reaching the right people, with the right message at the right time. We work with driven specialists, as an extension of your marketing department. We offer a consistent online experience with our comprehensive digital marketing service to your target group, across all channels, both owned, earned and paid. We mould data from customer characteristics and online interaction into an effective strategy to approach or exclude target groups. We have solid foundation in the effective use of online channels such as SMO, SEO, Display, Social Media, Link Building, Email, and Affiliate Marketing. With several years of experience, we have everything we need to attract, retain and strengthen brands. Do you just want a quick start with, for example, an AdWords campaign, an SEO migration or with web analytics? That is of course possible! And by fast we mean fast: pragmatism and years of experience ensure that we have a very short lead time from start to go. The real power of the Google Marketing Platform lies in the synergy between the different products. As a digital marketing expert, we have a lot of knowledge and know-how of the tools and integrations. We offer a fully managed service with extensive training options, depending on your wishes.

Our Services
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads/PPC Services
  • Link Building

SEO means focusing on improving the findability of your website in the organic results of search engines such as Google. We do this by improving the relevance of your website and content for your target group.

We are best seo company, and our seo service focuses, among other things, on optimizing a large number of technical factors, but especially on producing and opening up relevant content and increasing popularity and authority to ultimately attract more visitors, leads and customers.

Search is the solid foundation of Digital marketing campaign. Through our years of experience, for both large and small customers, we have the knowledge and know-how to bring your brand to the attention of your target group and to get your website higher in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our SEO team consists of specialists in the field of technical SEO, but also specialists who produce relevant content about the themes that are important for your target group.

Our SEO Approach

Strategy. Advice. Implementation

We provide advice at both strategic and operational level. We improve the accessibility and user-friendliness of your website on a technical level. With this we offer a solid basis that ensures that search engines can find your website better, index it and classify it on the themes that are important for your target group. Regarding popularity and authority, we help you to prepare a thoughtful campaign to increase your authority for link building and generate direct traffic.

Our SEO strategy consist of -

  • Content creation
  • Omnichannel approach
  • Link building
  • Tooling
  • Monitoring
  • Exchange of knowledge with our experts
  • Segmentation and personalization based on target group analysis, online
  • behaviour and CRM data

Most of the consumers nowadays have at least one active profile on a social network. Think of profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and the LinkedIn business network. Social media marketing is therefore indispensable for your brand. By using Social Media Marketing in the right way, objectives in the field of branding, reach, leads and sales can be achieved. The consumer can be reached in every phase of the customer journey so that measurable results are achieved in a very effective way. Social networks offer unique targeting options based on the profiles of the users. A major advantage, such as with Facebook, is the ability to target cross-device. The data of one user can be measured on multiple devices (such as mobile and computer) and can therefore also be accessed.

We believe that community building and social advertising reinforce each other and that branding and performance objectives do not interfere with each other. By automatically integrating organic content (non-paid) into paid social advertising campaigns, each user receives exactly the information that is most relevant at that time and the relationship with the target group is always built.

Our Approach

Together with you, we develops a process that meets your wishes and objectives: from SMM strategy to campaign management. The results are continuously monitored and reported so that the campaigns can be adjusted accordingly. We at Pagerank Consultants provide an integrated approach to all paid channels where the various advertising platforms reinforce each other.

Social Media Marketing by us consists of-

  1. Determining objectives, target groups, period and budget
  2. Choosing the right platforms
  3. Content and calendar selection
  4. Texts and visuals
  5. Lead nurturing, determining and measuring conversions
  6. Zero measurement, drafting and analysis via reports / dashboards

Advertising on the internet. Sounds interesting, but how exactly do you do that, what are the options, the costs, and the best service provider to get started?

With a 93% market share, Google is by far the most important search engine in the world. As a Google Ads agency, we are a certified expert, so our specialists have extensive knowledge of Google Ads, PPC campaigns. More and more ads are moving to the web. You need advertisements to transport as many visitors as possible to your website and then to have them purchase services or products.

Google is the king of web services. So of course, they have also focused on advertisements. With Google AdWords, you can easily advertise online without having to go through complicated steps or spend a lot of money on an advertising agency.

As a Google Ads agency, we are fully specialized in the leisure and travel industry.

Do you want to be one step ahead of the competition, win new customers and advertise effectively and cost-efficiently online via Google Ads/PPC in the leisure and travel industry? Let’s get acquainted!

Our method

  • Make an inventory of your objectives;
  • Analyse your website and target group;
  • Determining AdWords strategy and communication;
  • Design and; start of the campaigns;
  • Evaluating achieved results;
  • Optimize the Google Ads campaigns.

Depending on your needs and wishes, your PPC campaigns will be continuously adjusted and improved. Our marketing knowledge and your product knowledge are combined into a decisive marketing campaign to achieve the right goals.

As a specialized AdWords / PPC expert, we successfully organize campaigns for many companies and organizations.

Link building makes your site stand out above itself.

Everything starts with a good analysis of links and keywords on which you wish to be found. Mapping this is the first step, but that's where it starts.

After this step, it comes down to building up a range of relevant links to your website. We largely manage the pages, satellite sites, and blogs from which we link ourselves and are 100% reliable for Google. Essential to achieving a good result, because your position is determined by the number of relevant pages that refer to your website. After a certain time, Google will index your website better and drive it up in the ranking. Relevant content and referrals are essential and that is what our link building services are designed for .

We strive for quality and we guarantee maximum results. More than 70% of your position in search engines is determined by relevant links.

So, it's better to involve a professional party of link building specialists.

Since only relevant links contribute to your position, we know that excess harms and we prefer quality over quantity. We provide just those links and relevant keywords that will positively influence your position.

With our best link building services, a great thing that we offer, we also map irrelevant links for you and remove them. After all, they cause more damage to your position than they contribute to it.

Start with link building for your website?

With link building, your website stands or falls on Google. A healthy link profile is important. We take care of your link profile, eliminate bad links and build powerful and reliable links.

SEO Training

Best SEO Training in Luknow

Pagerank consultants provide best SEO training. Our SEO training packages are built to provide you knowledge in all the areas of digital marketing. Our training program provides you practical experience so that you can apply all techniques and run seo campaigns, smm campaigns, ppc campaigns yourself. We offer different training packages. Please contact us on our email for details of seo training packages. 


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